About Ventura Environmental

Ventura Environmental uses proprietary state of the art technology not available anywhere else. We have over 10 years experience working on complex air quality and EMF projects and scientific training at UCLA. We work with some of the top scientists and doctors in the field, including major universities, EPA/CDC funded clinics, medical school professors, and military experts.

Other companies are not the best and delivery invalid or sub-par results. Don’t trust your family or employees to anything but the best! Our experts are industry leaders and are some of the most sought after experts in the fields of environmental testing, air quality testing, occupational health and medicine, environmental toxicology. All of our experts work at a major medical research universities, medical schools, the US Military, and have an MD or PhD degree or equivalent experience. We do not provide medical advice.

We work according to EPA/WHO/CDC or more stringent environmental guidelines, not the more lenient and out of date OSHA regulations that only apply to places of work, not residences. This ensures that your project will be completed using the most strict governmental environmental science and data available.

Contact us at info -at- venturaenvironmental.com with your air quality or EMF project.